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About E L L J A Y  M E D I A

Elljay Media is a multi-media agency that brings your vision to life. We specialize in video production and marketing solutions while offering a comprehensive range of content creation services, including live event streaming, Voiceover, photography and drone footage.

We pride ourselves on our creativity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. Our passion for multi-media shines through in every project we undertake. We're not just service providers; we're your trusted partners, dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.



Videographer, Voiceover Artist, Veteran.

Meet Justin, the camera-whisperer and voiceover artist who doesn't know a stranger. He's got that special power to make the camera feel like an old friend, ensuring every client not only feels comfortable but enjoys the entire creative process from start to finish. With Justin, it's all about bringing out the best in you and making every interview and filming project an absolute blast.


Before diving into entrepreneurship, Justin embarked on an exciting journey in the U.S. Army. After serving his second enlistment, he transitioned into the corporate world, making waves in healthcare operations management. He climbed the ladder of success, managing teams and ensuring operations ran like well-oiled machines. 


Justin honed his sales expertise over many years, working as a sales solution consultant in the healthcare industry. He's got that magic touch to understand your needs, present irresistible solutions, and seal the deal with a smile. His business acumen and charming personality are a winning combination.


Now, armed with a camera and a passion for storytelling, Justin is ready to conquer the world of videography. He brings his extensive corporate experience to the table, delivering professional-quality videos that capture the essence of your brand. Whether it's a corporate event, a promotional video, or a heartfelt documentary, Justin's creative vision and knack for connecting with people shine through.


Get ready to meet the friendliest face in the industry! Justin is here for you, through thick and thin. His genuine desire to understand your vision and exceed your expectations is unparalleled. You'll quickly realize that Justin is not just your videographer; he’s your partner in content creation.


So, let's chat! Justin would love nothing more than to get to know you and dive into your next exciting project. Trust us, working with Justin will be an adventure you won't forget. Get ready to create something extraordinary together.


Marketer, Content Creator, Campaign Manager.

Meet Lauren, a marketing rockstar with over a decade of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of campaign management and armed with a marketing degree from The University of Georgia, she is all about blending strategy and creativity to create integrated marketing campaigns that drive tangible results.


Passionate about driving success and committed to delivering excellence, Lauren thrives on developing innovative and creative marketing approaches that resonate with your customers. Her ability to think strategically and execute with precision has resulted in turning prospects into loyal fans and brands soaring to new heights.


An expert in CRM management and marketing automation tools like Marketo and Pardot, she is the go-to guru for streamlining campaign workflows and creating personalized customer experiences. Lauren is well-versed in marketing analytics and reporting, skillfully translating complex data into actionable insights. Her ability to monitor and analyze key performance indicators has empowered organizations of all sizes to make data-backed decisions, optimize campaign performance and drive continuous improvement. 


Lauren has an eagle eye for detail—she ensures that every marketing piece, from social media to email programs, is flawlessly executed with a seamless integration of marketing efforts across multiple platforms for maximum impact. She is a results-oriented marketer who combines a strong analytical mindset with a creative flair. 

And was it mentioned that she is a campaign ninja? Lauren can plan, execute and slay successful campaigns all day, every day. With a focus on lead generation and nurture, Lauren has a proven track record of leveraging data-driven insights to develop highly targeted and effective marketing strategies.


So, if you're searching for a marketing dynamo who knows how to bring the fun while delivering exceptional results, reach out.  


Oh, and GO DAWGS!

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